Stepwise Procedure On How To Play Poker

poker step guide

Poker is a skill-based and mind sports game that most people love participating in it. It’s a top-rated game among most individuals that’s easy to learn, but mastering it presents a huge challenge to many people. However, if you want to understand the game better, it would be great to understand all the rules, terms, and principles guiding the poker game. If you’ve been interested in understanding how to play poker, then you’re in the right place. This article outlines step-by-step guidelines on how to play poker.

Step 1. Placing a bet (Ante)

For any poker game, you’ll need to place the bet before the game begins or immediately after the game starts. The player next to the dealer will always place half the minimum of the standard bet; most experts refer to it as the small blind bet. The other player will have to pay all the minimum bets, which is the big blind. Remember, the big blind can raise the minimal starting bet amount or use the unraised pot.

Step 2. Opening deals

Opening a deal is the next step after placing the small blind bet and the big blind bet. It involves each of the two players receiving cards facing downwards. Receiving the cards facing downwards, the players refer to them as pocket cards.

Step 3. First betting round

The next player, i.e., the one on the left side of the big blind, will call the minimum starting bet (big blind). The player will either raise, i.e., adding more chips in the mixing pot, or surrenders the hand (folds).

Step 4. The flop

After all the players have played the game, the dealer will burn the three cards while facing up. This game refers to the cards as community cards. Now any player can match the two cards they have with the community cards. When matching, they make hands; thus, the process ‘fold.’ After this, the dealer has left a chance to call or raise and check. While checking, the dealer does nothing but pass hand to the other player or fold.

The dealer will show five community cards. Each player has to make at least the best hands of five out of all the seven cards. The seven cards constitute two cards the player has and five community cards.

Step 5. The turn

Once the player is done playing and the first betting ends, the player calls it the turn. After the first betting ends, it marks the start of the second round, where the dealer will have to burn the one card face up again, and He does this after the flop. This player will have to check on all the cards in his hands and on the table. When checking the cards, the player will aim to see if they can bet, raise or call.

Step 6. The river

Experts consider the river as the second round of betting in the poker game. In the second betting round, the amount the player uses to bet usually doubles. The dealer burns one card in the second betting round, usually the 5th and last community card. The next player will have to check for the cards on the hands and the community cards to choose on his best 5-card hand. After checking, He can decide whether to call, fold or bet again.

Step 7. The showdown

The showdown follows immediately after betting for the second and third rounds. Starting off with the player on the dealer’s left side will have to show his cards while facing up. The winner of the pot is the player who has the highest five-card in hand.

To sum it up

Poker is one of the most exciting betting games among most individuals. However, most people find it very hard to grasp the ways of mastering how to play poker. Nevertheless, with the guidelines above and regular practice, you’ll master all the arts of playing poker and develop into a pro.